Monday, October 19, 2009

What Americans think of the Iran situation

A new poll by the Washington Post and ABC show that Americans overwhelmingly believe Iran is developing nuclear weapons and want something done about it. Well duh, they only hate every living fiber in our country and will do anything to get rid of us, sitting on our hands while they develop nukes isn't the best game plan.

Americans overwhelmingly see Iran's nuclear program as geared toward the development of atomic weaponry, and more than eight in 10 support direct diplomatic talks to try to resolve the situation, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

As negotiators from the United States, France and Russia meet with Iran starting today in Vienna, public opinion in the U.S. is decidedly behind one possible outcome should the talks fail: 78 percent in the new poll support international economic sanctions against Iran to try to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons.

There's less, though still sizable backing for military engagement, with 42 percent of Americans supporting the bombing of Iran's nuclear development sites and 33 percent advocating invading the country with U.S. ground forces (54 and 62 percent, respectively, oppose these actions).

The backing for military engagement is the one that surprises me. With troops already in Iraq and Afghanistan, invading Iran would cause considerable strain on our armed forces. Unless of course we pull out of Iraq before we do anything in Iran, but aren't we just moving from one Middle-Eastern country to another? 

Invading a country in that region hasn't exactly been shown to be the right gameplan. However, you would hope there would be more international help since Iran is a considerable threat (or at least they talk like it). Just ask Israel.

If we throw down economic sanctions, the Iranians are going to be hard-pressed for Hot Pockets...

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